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Deal with him, Hemingway!
you'll never be glamour
what a bunch of a-holes
Death By LULZ
Slammin' Cock
Use Your Imagination...
*cries sexily*
humans can't tolerate emptiness for long
Renegade 4 Life
northern downpour
There's only so much hurt a man can take
I miss you, Damon.
i am no bird
I present to you my first born Blog
glad i'm with you
A day to remember
Just a few of my favorite things...

ASkars' Svenska Köttbullar
ma'am i'm 32 years old
Confessions of an Opinionated Book Geek
i think im allergic to Our soap

Sing it, Daddy!
yes homo
The Family Business
John Green's tumblr
The Eighth Circle
Damon & Elena
I'm a leaf on the wind...
death is on your heels, baby
Through The Fallout
multifandom mess
brainy is the new sexy
My Nerdy Shenanigans
~You and me, come whatever~
Friends Don't Quit
overprotective sam!girl extraordinaire
Real or not real?
defcon fuck
Half-Gay: Full-Gay Consequences
You Are My Life

I'll never let go, I promise
We’ll survive this. We always survive.
afire love
Tumblr of Thrones
Cassandra Clare
A Poetry Paints Thousand Pictures
The Writers Helpers
Welcome to Fuck Yeah Character Development
A Day in the Life of a Sexologist
not great, bob!
Writing References and Prompts
Le Cirque des Rêves
☆randomness prevails...☆
renowned rapper and bodyguard, ron livingston
Breaking Rules and Breaking Free
The Sex Should Be As Beautiful As The Love
the mortal boy king
anal's on the menu
i alone know, as i think i do know
All the Supernatural Gifs
Tumblr Staff
National Novel Writing Month
Porra True Blood
Laissez les bons temps rouler
like a big boy
girl i guess that must be you
what are you sayeeeeh
The Official DSC Blog
Project Team Beta
The Vampire Diaries & The Originals
right in the solar plexus
time. truth. and hearts
30 Day Challenge Archive
For frustrated writers.

The Writing Box
Reference For Writers
she's zarry's bitch
don't look at me eughkghdlsj
I can't live without her.
That Guy's On Heroin
A Girl of Many Fandoms
music for writers
♥ITƧ ☆ L0U!♥

Chandler Dances on Things
Veronica Roth
Doubtful Truths
Team Free Derp
bloody sire bond
Show Me Your Fangs...

Don't make me lose you too.
the sweet far thing
Kiss Me

ruled by hephaestion's thighs
Azure Castiel
the fight is done, war is won.
The Whole Time and Space
I Will Always Choose You
The Unofficial Tumblr Book Club
jensen ackles has a face
Supernatural Confessions
A Drunken Mind Speaks a Sober Heart
abaddean appreciation
The Twelve Days
wincested > kirschneins
You know Supernatural changed your life when...
Incondite le Grand
Serendipitous Encounters
I ain’t scared of no wet, no wave.
inactive blog
words are wind -- an asoiaf quotes blog.

Heart of the Matter
i'm with the mockingjay,
Monika in Wonderland
Fuck Yeah TVD Confessions!
i love khaaleesi
The Righteous Woman
the draconator
For the Brotherly Love
take apart your head
Supernatural's Super Derps
Entangled Ecstasy
A Song of Ice and Fire